Greetings in the name of Yeshua!


I was born in Israel in 1964 to a Jewish girl from an Orthodox Jewish Family.  She was very young and decided to give me up for adoption.  A family from Haifa adopted me and I spent most of my first 28 years there.  Haifa is located in the northwest part of Israel. 


My adoptive parents never kept it a secret from me that I was adopted.  They were a loving family but were secular Jews and the only time that I was in a synagogue was for my bar mitzvah.  In Israel every young person must serve in the army.  At the age of 21 I completed my service time in the Israeli Defense Force and decided to seek accreditation for my boat captain certificate.  At age 24, I began piloting tugboats in the Haifa port.


It was after a failed relationship that I decided to have my adoption files opened.  I met my birth mother for the first time and discovered that I had a whole new family.  I have three brothers and one sister.  They lived in the Galilee region of Israel.  I was 28 years old at the time.


I moved to Galilee to be nearer my birth family.  I found a place to live in Kibbutz Ginosar and a job operating the tour boats on the Sea of Galilee.  While piloting the boats, I was exposed to Godís Word everyday.  I heard the stories of Yeshua, the prayers of the pastors and the worship songs of the believers.  Over a period of five years I pondered what I was hearing about Yeshua, and one morning I awoke with a great love for Him.  This did not come as a surprise because I had felt Him working in my heart for sometime. 


My whole life changed.  I began to see my job on the tour boats not as a job but as a ministry.  I fell in love with the worship songs the believers were singing while on the boats.  The words expressed the love and worship I felt in my heart for Yeshua.  I have been a drummer for most of my life; Yeshua has inspired me now to sing.  I began to gather the music and to learn the beautiful words of praise to Him.  Believers would send me CDs when they returned to their homes and I began playing them for other believers on the boat tours.  My desire was for the believers who came to the Sea of Galilee to have an unforgettable worship experience.


In 2002, I started a music ministry with Hebrew Worship Songs, translating and recording popular worship songs into the Hebrew language.  I wanted believers to hear the songs they loved in our Lordís language, and I wanted Israelis to hear about Yeshua through my music. 


Having completed my 2006 Church Concert Tour in the USA, I no longer pilot boats but am writing and translating other worship songs in preparation for a new album.  I continue to lead worship for believers who visit the Galilee.  My dream is to own and operate tour boats on the Sea of Galilee in ministry with fellow believers.


On my album, Daniel Carmel, The Fisherman from Galilee, I have recorded two original songs in English so believers will know the words to these songs.  I plan to record them in Hebrew on my next album.


Hebrew Worship Songs ministry is headquartered in Tiberius, Israel where I live with my wife and children.  Please pray that God will use me to bless believers and to cause Israelis to come to faith in Him.  Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. 



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